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Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears virtual watch party, game show

Can’t go to the game? No worries, come watch with us with live analysis and prizes!

Patriots Fans Gather To Watch Super Bowl XLIX, New England Vs. Seattle Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images

In the era of social distancing and COVID-19, the football watching experience will be drastically different this year. The Detroit Lions will be playing their opening game in front of only cardboard fans and fleshy media. For many of you across the country, what would be a day normally spent in a sports bar watching football from afternoon until night will now simply be an individual event spent in the quiet of your own home.

But we here at Pride of Detroit are trying to spice up the home-watching experience to make this season as exciting as possible. So for the first month of the season (and maybe more), we’re trying something new.

Introducing: Detroit Lions Super Squares Watch Parties!

Every Lions Sunday, I will be joining my good friend Jonathan Blevins (@BeardedBlevins on Twitter and Twitch), to co-host a virtual watch party/game show during the Lions game. We will be providing live analysis for the game, while also running a game show that you can play along with and win real cash prizes!

Here’s how it works:

What is Super Squares?

Super Squares is a live game show that works a lot like the Super Bowl squares you’re probably familiar with. You download the free app, sign up for free account (EVERYTHING IS 100% FREE), then you check in for the appropriate game 30 minutes before kickoff, and the app will automatically assign you four squares numbers. The cool thing about Super Squares is that you’re guaranteed at least one good square, AND your squares update after each quarter.

Signing up

The Super Squares app will ask for some basic information in order to confirm your identity and get the info they need to send you prizes if you win. None of that information will be shared with any other companies.

During the sign-up process, you will be asked to give a code. Put in PrideOfDetroit so they know who referred you. Now here’s the cool part: If you get your friends to sign up, have them use your username for their code, because if someone with your referral code wins a prize... YOU WIN THE SAME PRIZE.

How do you play?

Download the app here. Make sure you check in at least 30 minutes before the game and make three different predictions about the game (these will act as tiebreakers, if necessary). You will also be given an ad to watch. If you watch the ad, rate it, and then correctly answer a trivia question about the ad, you get extra points towards your final score.

At the end of each quarter (and the end of the game), the app will prompt you to check in. You will then watch another ad, answer trivia questions about the ads, and answer trivia questions about the game you’re watching (ie: Who scored the first touchdown?). The more questions you get right, the more points you earn. You also get points for how many squares you got right. Even if you got one of the scores right, you get points.

The great part of the game is that it won’t distract you from the actual football game. All you have to do is check in pre-game, post-game and in between quarters. The app does the rest of the work during the game.

Joining a “skybox”

To compete with friends or for specific prizes, you can create and join a “skybox.” Think of it like a fantasy or pick’em league. For Week 1, I would suggest joining two skyboxes. “Pride” will be our home skybox for the Pride of Detroit community. “Beard” will be Jon’s skybox, which will be giving away prizes every week, including up to $500 during the Lions-Bears game ($250 minimum). This game is still VERY new, which means your chances to win are still pretty good. Note: You can only join two skyboxes per game.

You will also be randomly placed into a “group” of 25 players. If you win that group, and place in the top-20 of all group winners globally, you win a cash prize!

How do you watch?

We’ll go live around 30 minutes before Lions vs. Bears on the Twitch page You can go there now, follow the Twitch page, then make sure you have notifications set up so you’ll know when we go live.

Even if you don’t want to play Super Squares, this will be an awesome environment to hang out and chat with your fellow Lions fans while getting some extra analysis from yours truly—because who wants to hear from the national announcers anyways?

Note: We will not be live broadcasting the game. We will be providing live analysis plus updates on Super Squares leaders. To watch the actual NFL game, you will have to pull it up on your phone, TV or computer separately. This is a two-screen experience.


If you have any questions, head to Super Squares’ website. I can try to answer any specific questions you may have in the comment section, as well, as I played the game for the first time on Thursday night and have a pretty good handle on how it works.

I know it all seems complicated at first, but I promise you it’s easy to catch on.