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Lions-Bears picks: Score predictions for Week 1

Our staff makes their score predictions for Lions vs. Bears.

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images

The Detroit Lions hope to kick off their 2020 season in a more positive fashion than in the previous two years. Back in 2018, they were shamed off their own field by the New York Jets. Last year, they blew a three-score lead in the fourth quarter on the way to a hugely-disappointing tie to the Cardinals.

The outlook for 2020 is unknown. No preseason. Barely any training camp practices open to the media. Everything is shrouded in secrecy. On top of that, the Lions’ injury report for Week 1 is not exactly promising.

But one thing is for certain: Mitchell Trubisky is starting for the Chicago Bears, and that appears to be enough to keep the Pride of Detroit staff quite optimistic for the Lions’ Week 1 home opener. Though Trubisky has been a Lions killer over the past two seasons—just about every quarterback has been. And this year, the Lions have a new defensive coordinator, a completely overturned roster on defense, and a whole lot of confidence.

Here’s a look at our staff’s score predictions for Lions vs. Bears:

Jeremy Reisman (0-0): 23-17 Lions
Jerry Mallory (0-0): 27-17 Lions
John Whiticar (0-0): 28-24 Lions
Kellie Rowe (0-0): 17-10 Lions
Kyle Yost (0-0): 21-17 Lions
Mike Payton (0-0): 28-17 Lions
Justin Simon (0-0): 17-13 Lions
Andrew Kato (0-0): 24-6 Lions
Ryan Mathews (0-0): 24-10 Lions
Alex Reno (0-0): 23-20 Lions
Mansur Shaheen (0-0): 20-9 Lions
Chris Perfett (0-0): 18-4 Lions

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