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2020 Detroit Lions predictions: Will Bob Quinn, Matt Patricia be around in 2021?

Will the coaching/GM combo make it another year?

Detroit Lions Introduce Matt Patricia Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

All week, we have provided Detroit Lions fans with our predictions for the 2020 season. From Rookie of the Year to season record, we’ve done our best with limited information to guess what will happen over the course of the next four months.

This is a critical year for the franchise and their future. A successful season could springboard into an era we’ve never seen with the Lions. Another losing season, and it may be back to the drawing boarding completely. A new general manager, a new head coach, and maybe even a new quarterback for the first time in over a decade.

With new owner Sheila Ford Hamp at the helm, it’s tough to predict where the future of this franchise will be even in one year’s time. But for our final 2020 NFL preview series, our staff made their predictions for the fate of head coach Matt Patricia and general manager Bob Quinn.


Will Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn still be with the Lions in 2021? Both? Neither? One or the other?

Andrew Kato: Both.

Yes, both will still be here for one more year. In spite of the win-loss record difference, Matt Patricia will still get at least as many years as Jim Caldwell did.

Mike Payton: Both.

I think regardless of how the season ends, everyone stays. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed way too many things and will likely give these guys the opportunity to get one more crack at it if things go south in 2020. Of course, if my previous predictions come true, then everyone is staying a lot longer than we thought.

Kyle Yost: Both.

Despite falling short of the playoffs and the implied Ford mandate, I think the Lions will show enough progress for both Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia to get one last shot. 2021 will be the legitimate make-or-break season for the team, however, and my money would be on “break.”

Hamza Baccouche: Both.

They both will be. If one goes, however, they both go. They’re tied both in philosophy and in contract duration to the Lions. However, I think the return of Stafford and a change of pace with the defense will give them an improvement just marginally large enough for the Lions to just miss the playoffs and keep the duo around for another year.

John Whiticar: Both.

Patricia and Quinn are tied at the hip, and if one leaves, I think the other should too. Quinn has spent time molding a roster around Patricia, and in my opinion, this should be the make-or-break year. If the Lions miss the playoffs, I’ll want—and I mean really want—them gone, but I fear that the Lions will treat this season as a mulligan due to COVID. I’ll need to see some sort of progress from this staff to convince me otherwise, because this team has only gotten worse since Patricia took over.

Chris Perfett: Both.

This is a tricky one because I’m predicting a winning season, but not good enough for playoffs. Is that enough to save the hide of Patricia? It certainly wasn’t enough to save Caldwell. Either way if the defense isn’t improving, it’ll be hard to justify it. COVID-19 being as weird as it is, Patricia and Quinn both survive, barely, and find their way onto 2021’s “This guy could get fired midseason” dead pool.

Justin Simon: Both.

I think so. I think the Lions will be competitive and have meaningful games late in the season and that will be enough for the Fords. Especially given the weirdness that the pandemic has brought to the season. That said, if the team stays relatively healthy and simply can’t compete, I wouldn’t be shocked at all to see a total regime shift heading into 2021.

Kellie Rowe: Both.

I think this year the duo will show JUST enough improvement to keep their jobs. While the Lions won’t blow anyone away in a dramatic comeback, they’ll certainly improve upon last year’s abysmal record enough to make an argument Patricia and Quinn both should stay. I think this being an unusual year will factor into that decision as Ford may look at Patricia and Quinn’s leadership through a health crisis AND a social justice movement as evidence they have the moral fiber to head up this team.

Ryan Mathews: Both.

If all of my other predictions end up coming to fruition that must mean Quinntricia is back in Allen Park for the 2021 season.

Jeremy Reisman: Both

I don’t think the duo will get a pass for COVID-19—every other team is dealing with the same hardships. However, I do think this team will play competitive ball this year and fall right around .500. While that truly isn’t that big of an improvement from last year’s team (I know the record says otherwise), I think that will be enough to convince new owner Sheila Ford Hamp to “trust the process.”


Who will continue to have a job with the Lions in 2021?

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  • 39%
    Both Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia
    (279 votes)
  • 9%
    Bob Quinn, but Matt Patricia will be fired
    (65 votes)
  • 1%
    Matt Patricia, but Bob Quinn will be fired
    (10 votes)
  • 49%
    Both will be fired
    (347 votes)
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