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Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears recap: What Just Happened?

A collection of thoughts on the Lions’ Week 1 loss.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

I’m not going to waste any time this week. The Detroit Lions blew a 23-6 lead to the Chicago Bears and ultimately lost the game 27-23. As always, I have a thoughts on this game. These are those thoughts.

I’m so tired of this

Not only do I cover this team as a job, I’m also obviously a fan. I care about the game. I set aside hours of of my Sunday to take notes and watch the game in hopes that at the end of the day, I’ll be happy. What I get instead is laying on the floor of my living room watching my heart rate speed up on my fitbit and having a terrible anxiety attack that I still have while writing this because the Lions can’t just go out and win a game. I’m tired of it. I know you are too. Something needs to be made right here. Which brings me to my next point.

Matt Patricia has to go

Yeah, this probably the earliest this has ever been brought up, but it needs to happen. Forget the make-or-break thing and forget whatever this team is trying to build, rip it off like a band-aid and get it done. The Lions have the same exact problems now in 2020 that they had in 2018. They get a lead and immediately let off the gas and do whatever they have to do to give it away. They almost completely repeated their Week 1 game from 2019, only this time they lost.

Then they have the nerve to talk about “Dagger Time?” The only thing that needs to get a dagger is the Matt Patricia Era. It needs to end right now and maybe they can salvage something this season. Right now it’s evident that these smart guys didn’t learn a single thing since they’ve been here.

Jamie Collins Sr.

Look, I don’t care how you want to rationalize this. You can say the ref leaned in and flopped or you can say that this was a bit much. It doesn't matter. You don’t touch the official. Especially if you’re supposed to be one of the leaders on this team. You embarrassed yourself, and you embarrassed Lions fans. Maybe I’m overreacting, but I don’t care right now.

Congrats again, Lions. You’re the team that made Bears fans think Trubisky is good again

They do it every year it seems. Trubisky is a horrible quarterback and his poor throws on Sunday prove that. But, still, the Lions are there, ready and willing to give Trubisky a helping hand in repairing his image in Chicago. They’ll be back to hating him next week for sure, but when things are going bad, don’t worry Mitch, the Lions will be in town in December to make sure you get a contract somewhere when the Bears drop you.

Good things, I guess

I guess I gotta put some good stuff in here. So here goes. Adrian Peterson looked good and Tony McRae made a nice special teams tackle.

Don’t harp on Swift too much

Look, man, I get it. I’m really mad, too. I understand the want to now blame everything solely on D’Andre Swift not catching a clear-as-day, game-winning touchdown. He should absolutely get some flack for that. He choked in a big moment, and it’s not good.

But it’s the teams fault for putting the kid in that situation. They never should have been there. They blew a 23-6 lead before they even got to that point of the game. Just consider these things before you go directly to Swift’s Twitter to call him a bum, threaten to harm him or whatever some fans are doing these days.

Take down the “Dagger Time” sign

You haven’t earned it. If you’re not going to live that mantra, fans don’t want to hear about it. They don’t want to buy merchandise with that on it and they don’t want to even hear it said. The Lions played themselves with this catchphrase. They embarrassed themselves the moment that was coined in training camp. Ford Field needs to take that sign down and maybe think about putting it back up when they prove they can actually live by it. Right now there couldn’t be anything farther from the truth.