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Lions-Packers draws same officiating crew from 2019’s MNF controversy


Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

You may want to make a grocery run for some Reynolds Wrap, because it’s officially Tin Foil Hat time.

On Tuesday, the NFL announced the officiating crews for the slate of Week 2 games, and wait until you hear who the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers are getting.

Clete Blakeman.

If that name sounds familiar, it should. Blakeman’s crew officiated the Week 6 Lions vs. Packers game on “Monday Night Football” last year. That’s right, “illegal hands to the face” game. Trey Flowers’ nightmare.

The game in which the Lions held a 22-13 lead in the fourth quarter, only to see it disappear thanks to two very questionable penalties on Flowers. The first negated a third-down sack that would’ve ended Green Bay’s drive with no points. Instead, they scored a touchdown a few plays later. The second also negated a third-down stop, preventing the Lions from getting a chance at a rebuttal late in the game.

Anyway, Blakeman and his crew will be in Lambeau again this week as the Lions try to avoid an 0-2 start to the season. Hopefully with no Packers fans in attendance, we can get a fair game in.

Note: It’s worth pointing out that Blakeman’s 2020 officiating crew isn’t the exact same as his 2019 officiating crew. Four of his seven officials, including himself, are returning this year.