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Has Matt Patricia officially joined the ranks of infamous Detroit Lions coaches?

It’s a long list of inadequate coaches, has Matt Patricia joined the list?

The land of the subpar. It’s a familiar spot for the head coach of the Detroit Lions. But even within those inglorious ranks lies some who take it a step further. Infamy. From winning a coin toss in overtime and taking the wind to “abandoning ship” and quitting in the middle of the season, we’ve seen it all.

Enter the current Detroit Lions head coach: Matt Patricia. With the less-than-stellar (to put mildly) tenure thus far, Patricia only added more fuel to the fire Sunday with some heavily-criticized decisions against the Bears and some curious statements after the game. One has to wonder: has he joined the ranks of lousy head coaches?

Jerry Mallory takes a look at Matt Patricia’s latest blunder while giving a brief history lesson of some of the coaches before him. Warning: This video will take you down the memory lane that may drive you crazy (lane... drive... get it?).