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Notes: Jeff Okudah will attend first NFL game on Sunday

The rookie says he’s pretty pumped.

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NFL Combine - Day 4 Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Not only is Sunday the first NFL game rookie cornerback Jeff Okudah will play in — but it’s also the first game he’s ever attended.

Back in July, Okudah surprised a few folks when he tweeted he’d never been to an NFL game.

The Detroit Lions will head to Green Bay on Sunday to take on the Packers and Okudah’s looking forward to it.

“I’m really excited going to my first NFL game,” he said. “That’ll be a pretty cool experience. Never really been to an NFL game so just to get that crossed off my list, I think it would be pretty cool.”

You might be wondering about the Chicago Bears game this past weekend at Ford Field. Okudah, who was out with a hamstring injury, said he watched it at home with family. The cornerback reached out to friends to ask what it was like to play in their first NFL game.

“I was asking all the rookies like how’d it feel like? What was it like? I’ve been reaching out my guys that played at Ohio State like how was the experience? Just hearing everyone talk about their experiences, it just made me even more eager to play,” he said.

Okudah is still on the injury list with that hamstring issue, but with two full practices this week, he’s almost certain to play on Sunday.

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