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Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers first half open thread

Come watch and chat as the Lions take on the Packers in Week 2 of the 2020 season.

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

The Detroit Lions are looking to rebound in a big way before their 2020 season spirals out of control by the end of September. After their late-game collapse against the Chicago Bears last week, Detroit will have to beat the Green Bay Packers on the road in order to avoid an 0-2 hole they may not be able to crawl out of.

It won’t be easy. The Packers just vanquished the Vikings in fairly dominating fashion. The final score of 43-34 may look close, but the Packers held a two score lead for the entirety of the second half, and were comfortably up 36-18 with 10 minutes left to go. Aaron Rodgers looked electric, while the Packers held the Vikings defense to just 10 points through three quarters.

But a win over the Packers would go a long ways to ease some of the concerns about this team. Hold Rodgers in check, and the defensive confidence will see a big boost. Hang 30 points on this Packers defense, and maybe all the offseason hype about the offense will prove to be true.

And, hey, maybe play in the fourth quarter this time.

Anyways, enjoy the game everyone, and if you want some live commentary from yours truly, I’ll be live on the Super Squares twitch page, which is embedded below.