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Monday open thread: What can the Detroit Lions do to rebound?

What can the Lions do to right the ship?

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

2020 has been a bad year for many, and for the Detroit Lions, the struggle has only just begun.

After another lifeless performance, this time falling to the Green Bay Packers, the Lions sit a 0-2 on the season, but it feels like 0-20. Any sort of optimism is gone. The Lions are who we thought they were: an inconsistent offense and a clueless defense. Aaron Jones ran all over and through the defense in a three touchdown day. The only thing stopping his onslaught was the clock, mercifully limited to 60 minutes. Not only did he rack up a bonkers 168 rushing yards, but he added 68 receiving yards too.

No facet of the defense looked competent. With Justin Coleman on the Injured Reserve and Desmond Trufant inactive, the burden of stopping Aaron Rodgers fell onto rookie Jeff Okudah and second-year Amani Oruwariye. Rodgers had just 240 yards, sure, but that speaks to the pace of the game. After the Lions put up 14 points in the first quarter, it was all downhill for the Lions. Rodgers hardly had a scratch on him.

So, what’s next for the Lions? They have an early bye week, and their two games before that are against the explosive young Cardinals and the powerhouse Saints. A 0-4 record entering the bye is a likely outcome, and any playoff hopes will disappear with it.

Things look bleak.

Today’s Question of the Day is:

What can the Lions do to rebound?

My answer: If there were an easy answer, I would be a head coach. Outside of perhaps Jack Fox, every player on the team has had struggles thus far this season.

The obvious and hotly talked about option is to fire Matt Patricia. However, that will not save this season. The Lions have too many scheme-dependent players on the team, so barring a miraculous turnaround from whoever is the interim head coach, the Lions won’t perform much better than they already are. Then again, they can’t perform much worse... right?

Narrator: they probably will.

However, if the Lions have any saving grace, it is that the offense has plenty of talented pieces. In order to improve the team, I think this is the only feasible area that can improve. I view the defense as a lost cause. This isn’t to say someone like Okudah is a bust, but with their current personnel and scheme, it won’t come together this year.

If the Lions want to win games, they will have to lean on their offense. Do I have faith in this team to win shootouts? Certainly not. Then again, you cannot count on the defense to stifle opponents. The Lions had a fantastic first quarter against the Packers. That is their peak; if they could consistently do that, their offense would be among the best. However, the Lions coasted the rest of the way, even with the Packers taking the lead.

The Lions need to get aggressive to win. They have a defense that can’t stop a team, and they do not have an efficient run game to kill the clock. This was on full display versus the Bears, as well as at the end of the first half on Sunday. Their only option is to continue the aggressiveness and bury their opponent before they wake up. Take risks. Take shots downfield. This isn’t to say abandon the run game, but they need to maximize their passing potential and minimize wasted downs.

The season is still young, but the Lions are on the precipice of another disaster.