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Pets of Detroit: The Official Power Rankings

woof woof

The Detroit Lions are bad. At 0-2 and with two terrible losses to tote, the season looks over already. Don’t fret, though, because the Lions are not the only thing we cover here.

On Monday we made a big transition here when our fearless leader, Jeremy Reisman, officially pushed through our long awaited transition and rebrand. The Lions? Having Pride? Who needs that? It’s time for a new era.

Welcome to Pets of Detroit

Today, you get to meet the Pets that make up this new endeavor, and as Pride of Detroit’s official power rankings guy, I get the honor of introducing, and ranking, all of these good boy’s and girls to you guys.

NR. Monster and Keiko

Alex Reno

Alex didn’t submit his pictures to me, but he tweeted them. So his dogs don’t get ranked but you should still see these good boys.

T-2. Tiggy

Kellie Rowe

Tiggy is a chinchilla, an animal I only know exists because of an episode of That’s So Raven when I was younger. Someone needs to get that glass away from him as well, can’t imagine that wine is healthy.

T-2. Ziggy

Mike Payton

And a special one for Halloween.

T-2. Arvin, Chibi and Copper

Kent Lee Platte

A great group of sleepy boys from the MathBomb household.

T-2. Apollo

Jerry Mallory

Apparently we have professional photographers in the Mallory household???? I don’t think I have pictures of myself that look as nice as those.

T-2. Connor

Kyle Yost

T-2. Ruby

Chris Perfett

“I should rename him to Big Chungus,” Perfett told me with his submission.

T-2. Goose

Ryan Mathews

One of the favorites of the Pride of Detroit Twitch stream, and a good boy with extravagant ears.

T-2. Zazu

Jeremy Reisman

Our fearless leader’s best friend, and the face of our new logo, Zazu is another familiar face for anyone who regularly watches our Twitch or hangs out in our Discord (which you should do too!).

1. Simba

Mansur Shaheen

My aptly named sleepy boi is the best Pet of Detroit. Just look at his incredible jawline.

Bonus: he is also a Lions fan since birth