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NFL Week 3 picks: Detroit Lions vs. Arizona Cardinals score predictions

A look at who we’re picking for Sunday’s game.

Detroit Lions v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

We’re only two weeks into the season and it seems like the Detroit Lions are spiraling. After a big letdown in Week 1—giving up another three-possession, fourth-quarter lead—the Lions looked helpless against the Green Bay Packers last Sunday.

Now 0-2 in the division and 0-2 overall, the Lions’ hopes for 2020 already look bleak. Heading towards the west coast to play and up-and-coming Cardinals team that is already 2-0 seems like a doomed proposition.

And that certainly appears to be the feeling amongst the Pride of Detroit staff. Of our 13 members, Jerry Mallory is the single soul who is taking the Lions in an upset this week. Not only that, but just about everyone else has the Lions losing by double digits—well over the 5.5-point Vegas spread for Sunday.

But we’ve all been wrong before. In Week 1, everyone on staff predicted a Lions win over the Bears, so what do we know?

Here are our picks for the Lions vs. Cardinals game. You can see all of our picks for Week 3 games here.

Jeremy Reisman (1-1): 38-24 Cardinals (Read Jeremy’s preview here)
Jerry Mallory (1-1): 30-24 Lions (Watch Jerry’s preview here)
John Whiticar (1-1): 33-17 Cardinals
Kellie Rowe (1-1): Cardinals win
Kyle Yost (1-1): 31-21 Cardinals
Justin Simon (1-1): 35-17 Cardinals (Read Justin’s preview here)
Andrew Kato (1-1): 38-24 Cardinals
Ryan Mathews (1-1): Cardinals win
Alex Reno (1-1): 35-17 Cardinals
Mansur Shaheen (1-1): Cardinals win
Chris Perfett (1-1): 69-0 Cardinals
Mike Payton (0-2): 43-28 Cardinals
Hamza Baccouche (0-1): 37-24 Cardinals