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Notes: Patricia on 2020 Lions: ‘I love how competitive they are’

These Lions have enough love and respect to push each other to their fullest potential, Patricia explains.

NFL Combine - Day 1 Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Heading into the season opener this week, Matt Patricia is reflecting on some of his favorite aspects of this 2020 team.

“I think one of the things about this team that’s been great so far — and obviously we’ll find out as we get into the regular season — I just love the way these guys come to work everyday. I love how competitive they are, how much they just want to win, how they push each other, and how they care for each other,” he said Monday.

And care for each other they probably do. This particular team has experienced unusual, trying circumstances together in the span of a few months. They’ve had to adjust to the uncertainty of playing football in the midst of a global pandemic, with fears for safety and cancellations affecting the way they do their job.

On top of that, they’ve been through the difficult yet necessary discussions involving the social justice movement throughout the country, standing united as a team when they canceled practice Aug. 25 in response to the shooting of Jacob Blake.

Patricia said this team has the ability to challenge one another

“Execution and everything that we do on the field is the bottom line, but I think certainly it does help when guys really feel that way about each other and they want to make each other better. They’re not afraid to go out there and push each other,” he said.

“In order to do that, there’s a lot of respect, a lot of trust, and a lot of appreciation for each other that has to take place and that’s something that we’ve had so far.”

Patricia said he knows the team has a long road ahead of them, but the team’s ready to do whatever they can to help one another.

Watch his full comments below:

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