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Bears-Lions preview show: Was Trubisky the right choice for Chicago?

Fox Sports Radio’s Jonas Knox joins the show to break down Detroit’s season opener

Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles can’t compete to be the Chicago Bears starting quarterback — yet Jose M. Osorio/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

We have previewed the season that will come, and now this week on the Pride Of Detroit PODcast, we preview the first of 16 games. It’s the dang Chicago Bears, which means Lions fans are starting off hot, insisting such a game is a rivalry even as Bears fans insist that it’s not—another sad chapter in the NFC North’s tsundere nature.

A curious thing occurred with the Bears, who were not looking to name a starting quarterback until opening day, and then suddenly they went ahead and named Mitchell Trubisky the starter anyway.

That played well to the Lions fanbase. Hooting and hollering, for few in Detroit believe Trubisky is a good quarterback by any stretch of the imagination; now please just ignore the box scores from the past games Trubisky has had against the Lions. But was it the right choice? That’s where the Pride Of Detroit’s preview starts, and goes from there.

We’re breaking down this Chicago defense (still really good), their offense (still questionable) and how well the Lions match up against all of us. It’s too early to give real game balls, but we’re anticipating who we might pass these suckers out to.

But that’s not all. We welcome returning guest Jonas Knox, national host with Fox Sports Radio, to the PODcast. Knox has a sharp NFL mind and used to run a Bears podcast before keying in on national sports talk radio, so he gives us the outlook on both Chicago and the rest of the NFC North—and provides very, very interesting insight into why the Bears chose Trubisky at the end of the day.

Last but not least, we fire up the troops. Get the podcast here.

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Thank you for being with us for our fifth season of PODcast.