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VIDEO: Rams GM Les Snead reacts to Lions’ hiring of Brad Holmes

The Rams GM told a great story about how Brad Holmes caught his eye.

Los Angeles Rams v Chicago Bears Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

While the Detroit Lions have yet to confirm the hiring of new general manager Brad Holmes, the Los Angeles Rams have already begun to say their goodbyes.

Rams general manager Les Snead and his wife Kara Henderson apparently had an “emotional call” with Holmes on Thursday. Henderson then posted a quick video on Twitter of Snead talking about his favorite memory of Holmes, and it all started at the beginning.

Telling a tale at least 10 years old, Snead talks about the first time he encountered Holmes. Snead was with the Atlanta Falcons, while Holmes was a scout with the Rams. Holmes was part of the National Football Scouting Inc., which is responsible for presenting a draft board early in the spring to NFL executives.

“There was a young man, Brad Holmes, first time presenting. Unbelievable job. At that point in time, Billy Devaney was GM of the Rams and I remember texting Billy after hearing Brad present, ‘Hey, that young man is special.’’”

Henderson, herself, appears to fully endorse the hire, as well:

Classy move from the Snead family. Let’s hope their intuition is right!

UPDATE: Here is more from Snead: