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The ‘Dan Campbell Song’ will get you PUMPED for Lions football


Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions - December 24, 2006 Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

There are a lot of reasons to be skeptical about the Detroit Lions’ inevitable hiring of Dan Campbell as the team’s next head coach. On the surface, it feels like there were more qualified candidates for the job. Campbell’s lack of experience as an offensive or defensive coordinator is leaving fans worried about the current lack of identity. And given his Bill Parcells roots, many are living in fear that the team will adopt a philosophy of ball-control offense and bend-don’t-break defense—a strategy they have just gotten rid of.

And while I must respect all of those concerns, as I share some of them myself... also, screw it. Let’s get hyped right now, because why the hell not? We have no idea if this is going to work or not. If Lions fans can’t get excited for change—even if it’s not the exact change we wanted—when will we ever get the chance to be happy?

The Lions have a new head coach who is a hell of a motivator and will also be extremely meme-able. And none of that is made clearer than this amazing song produced by Boston radio show 98.5’s “Toucher and Rich” back in 2015 which celebrated Campbell’s intensity in a very “Team America: World Police” kind of way.

So for a second, take your analyst hat off, and just enjoy the crap out of this:

So if you were to ask me now what I think of the Dan Campbell hiring, my only responses will be: SQUATS, BENCH PRESS, SQUATS, BENCH PRESS, OKLAHOMA DRILL. RED MEEEEEEEAT.

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