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Video: Instant reactions to the Dan Campbell energetic press conference

Jeremy, Jerry and Chris break down Dan Campbell’s wildly-fun press conference.

Winning press conference may not show up on the scoreboard or put your name in the record books, but it can sure win over a fanbase in an instant. And if we’re judging Detroit Lions new head coach Dan Campbell based on the hour he just spent with the Detroit medida, he undoubtedly passed with flying colors.

And it wasn’t just about biting kneecaps or pandering to the working class city of Detroit. Campbell came in extremely self-aware of his own perceived faults and immediately addressed them. He talked about his lack of X’s and O’s. He provided transparency that has been missing from this franchise for years. He was intense, yet emotional.

There were a lot of things to like about the press conference, as well as some interesting news bits that could give a hint as to where this franchise is headed.

So myself, Jerry Mallory and Chris Perfett jumped on our Twitch and YouTube pages to give our immediate thoughts of the press conference. You can watch below.