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National media is trash for dissing Dan Campbell’s presser, and here’s why

Excuse my language, but they can kick rocks.

So, national media is dogging Dan Campbell’s press conference, and frankly, it’s trash.

There is no one who makes fun of being a Lions fan more than a Lions fan themselves. So when this city gets a glimpse — a tiny morsel of hope — it’s just a cheap shot to rag on the franchise and to try to take that away.

Sure, his speech was colorful, but what’s important is the understanding of what Lions fans are feeling. The fan base is used to a regime that has come off a little cold and not very transparent. I have seen opinions from many fans who feel the franchise doesn’t care about them — the people who spend money on tickets, merch and more.

At least by this presser alone, I am fairly certain this man cares about Lions fans. So let’s take look at just what national media said and why it’s meaningful to Detroit.