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Saturday open thread: Do the Detroit Lions need to draft a starting quarterback in 2021?

With a Matthew Stafford trade likely, do the Lions need to draft his successor in April?

Butler v North Dakota State Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

Last week, when I said, “What’s an acceptable return for Matthew Stafford in a trade this offseason?” I didn’t mean, “Hey, let’s trade the guy!” For that, I apologize.

But the show must go on, and there’s (likely) going to be a new quarterback behind Frank Ragnow for the 2021 season. The question is: who should it be?

That gives way to today’s Question of the Day...

Do the Detroit Lions need to draft a starting quarterback in 2021?

Look, I don’t know whether or not it’s so important for the Lions to draft their starting quarterback in the 2021 NFL Draft for this season or beyond for that matter. Detroit’s rebuild is going to take at least two seasons, so I suppose it’s a matter of whether you think Justin Fields, Zach Wilson, or Trey Lance is your guy.

If one of those players is someone Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell truly believe in as a foundational piece to this organization moving forward, do what needs to be done to get that player by any means necessary. If none of them is that guy, sign Tyrod Taylor. Take a flier on Cam Newton. Bring in Ryan Fitzpatrick for all I care. Just don’t talk yourselves into one of these players, and that’s not so much something I’m worried about Holmes or Campbell doing, but the heat from ownership turning up after a potentially—rather likely—rough upcoming season is something that could influence them to make a decision like that.

After all, that’s life in the NFL.

Your turn.

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