Another moral victory....

I think we should start counting moral victories instead of REAL wins. That would make the Lions 2-3

Moral victories don't get you to the playoffs though.

ok post away about how this team "never gives up' and "fights to the end" and "we are on the right track" and are "young and hungry" and all those things the fans of the losing team write. Bottom line : we lost to another bad football team.

I knew it was coming all season so no big deal. I am actually shocked though, at the behavior of our coach. I mean, sorry this is not Olympic ice skating. This is NFL football . If your a coach you yell, you scream you get angry ("PLAYOFFS?? WHO SAID ANYTHING ABOUT PLAYOFFS??") You don't CRY like a baby. I am sorry I am glad Dapper Dan cares that much about his players but his antics are just getting to be too much. First he is biting kneecaps, then he is wandering around wearing a F1 racing he is on national TV crying like some tween girl . GIVE ME A BREAK

Stop crying, get your shit together and be a man. The Dallas Cowboys have an owner who spits nails and basically runs the NFL from his desk. Our coach cries like a 13 year old gymnast at the Olympics who just fell off the balance beam. Maybe he can get together with Simone Biles and they can have a good cry together.

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