Are the Lions cursed?

Nowadays, people are blaming our curse on anything: Barry’s treatment or Calvin’s, the Fords not selling, not buying a shot (guilty), you name it. For myself, I had always thought it was the curse of Bobby Layne. So I relooked it up and found something interesting. Well firstly, it has expired which was new to me and… well, here it is:

"The Lions will not win for 50 years!" said scorned quarterback on that fateful day, Oct. 6, 1958.

You see at the time, the Detroit Lions were a pretty darn good Football team and ironically, our quarterback wanted to stay. I apologize for the passive aggressive dig. I am totally fine that we traded Matthew to the Rams. New starts were needed all around and in wild abandon. I do wish we had treated our previous stars the same. I wish we could take a cap hit for paying Calvin back but thats another story. The thing I wanted to say, and it struck me as I copied and pasted Bobby’s words above. Look at the date and add 50 to it.


Not only has our curse expired but I think we can all agree, we have paid our dues in full. Superstitions can be fun. The aforementioned shot being one of them. And not driving afterwards of course. Audible dong. Well, until yesterday. And speaking of, what about the Vikings’ kicking curse? Is that one gone now because ours is more powerful?… Well, if we had one that is. We cannot live this way so cue the spooky music, it’s almost Halloween. Go Lions!!!

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