There’s a Gleam

"There’s a Gleam, Men..." -Marty Schottenheimer

When the old ball coach gave this inspirational speech, I don't think he had a clue what the "gleem" actually was but I bet each one of those players knew and never forgot. In the article about buy in, "Detroit Lions LB coach Kelvin Sheppard believes team’s full buy-in is ‘rare’", lines up with the never give up play on the field. I have never seen such a Lions team that tries so hard, that really fits Campbell's infamous kneecap speech. The stories about youngsters like Okwara and St James going the extra mile are inspiring. I've watched the Lions for decades, walked away more than a few time because for the most part they've been horrific which made me sad when they all too quickly dumped a coach who bought life so a sorry team for a coffee boy and a possible rapist.

This team has a new life and a new culture, the question is can it last. Can these players keep chasing the "gleem" or will SOL kill it? Looking at this newly minted organization the chance seems good that they can keep it up and win again. I remember when some said 9-7 was not good enough, well 9-7 would be pretty damn nice now. The goal is to win the superbowl but nobody's going unless they make the playoffs and didn't a 9-7 team win the superbowl.This team has not won a single game but its different in a good way. Also, the Lions are in the position of being a bad team so every additional loss is a win and every win(?) iis a freakin miracle.

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