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Watch live: Lions vs. Bengals Madden 22 simulation

Let’s see if the virtual Detroit Lions can notch their first win of the season.

Not only are the Detroit Lions winless on Sundays this season, but they’re winless on Saturday, too. Yes, I know that the Lions haven’t played on a Saturday this season, but I’m talking about our weekly Madden 22 simulations that we broadcast live on our Twitch channel every week. The virtual Lions are actually much worse than the ones we’ve seen take the actual field this year. For example, they fell behind the Minnesota Vikings 28-0 last week.

But that doesn’t stop us from having a good time. I host these weekly Madden sims, provide live commentary, and answer any Lions questions you may have. Also, if you’re a frequenter of the Pride of Detroit Twitch page, you can also gamble channel points on the outcome of the game, which can then be redeemed for rewards on Twitch.

If that sounds like a nice way to spend your Saturday mornings, here’s how to join!

What: Lions vs. Bengals Madden sim + Q&A session
When: Saturday, October 16 — 10:30 a.m. ET
Where: Our Twitch channel — (or watch below)

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