On the Eve of a possible W?

The so called experts seem to think the Lions might actually win tomorrow. That would be nice. The Bengals are still a work in progress like our Lions and their #1 CB is out.

So to celebrate even a possible win, I am going to share some of the most ridiculous posts I have seen on this website over the past few months--

1. "Campbell? well I would compare him to Bill Parcells"

2. " Our Nasty defense will win us 10 games by themselves"

3. "So if you look at the see Goff is actually better than Matthew Stafford"

4. "We have the #1 offensive line in the NFL, hands down."

5. "We have at least 4 players who are going to be in the Pro Bowl"

6. "there is so much talent on this defense, if we coach them up right we will be a force for years to come!"

7. "In the entire 92 year history of the franchise, NO Lions team has ever played so hard!"

8. "What holds the Lions back is the fans supporting other teams like the Tigers or MSU Spartans and not selling the Lions Brand!"

9. "Other teams' cereal doesn't taste quite so good when they think about playing the Detroit Lions!!"

And, saving the best for last.....

10. "Winning our division should be easy, it's the playoffs I am worried about..."

OK so, according to the people on this site, the Lions are coached by a Bill Parcells clone, they have the #1 offensive line in the NFL, and just underwent a QB upgrade getting Jared Goff. Their defense is young but stocked with future hall of famers and pro bowl players and other teams shudder when they think of actually taking on the mighty Detroit Lions. Well,, that sure sounds good! Sure hope we see that tomorrow!

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