Where's the weakness?

Let's play that fun and exciting game of, Where are the Lion's the Weakest? Yes fans of all ages can play. It's not that hard, but knowing where the weakest weakness is can be tricky. So make your choices carefully, but remember there's no right or wrong answer really, because, there's always a weakness!

Matt Stafford or Jared Goff have both been blamed for failing to take this franchise to the promised land. Stafford might have been the better QB, and he obviously set all of the Lions' passing records, but he wasn't able to consistently make the Lions winners. Was it asking to much, or did he simply lack that special ingredient? Would an Aaron Rodgers have been able to take this team to the promised land? Would Peyton Manning add that magical feeling to help the team win? Whether it's Stafford or Goff, maybe the answer for weakest link is definitely right here!

Running backs have long disappointed. Not since Barry Sanders has a running back really dominated the competition. Is D'Andre Swift going to consistently be healthy, strong enough, and fast enough to become a leading NFL running back? Wouldn't a top running back make a difference?

Who is the lead wide receiver now? Tyrell Williams, Quintez Cephus, and Breshard Perriman took turns as being the franchise's new hope, but they're not in that position now. Calvin Johnson where are you? How can the Lions get a great dangerous receiver? Is this perhaps their greatest real weakness?

Offensive line seems like a strength, but is it really? We can't keep the starters together, and any team has only so much quality depth around. Taylor Decker may soon return, but Frank Ragnow is already missing too. Is Penei Sewell going to regress moving to the right-side? Is Evan Brown or perhap Hal Vaitai only a one-year solution? Does Matt Nelson really have the talent we need to be a stud back-up, or is more needed for the future?

The defensive line seems like another strength, but consistency rushing the passer seems essential in today's NFL. When your top paid defensive end can't do that, do you really have the line you need to succeed?

Starting two rookie corner backs, or perhaps even three at a time seems like a pretty desperate situation. Perhaps these young Lions will progress to make us proud, or maybe that is the key weakness to be addressed.

Safeties have been known to be game changers. Do the Lions really have the talent at these positions that they need? Is it the case of having too little impact too often and not consistently enough to feel comfortable with the players we have?

Linebackers have been maligned this year, yet are they the most important element of the defense? I'm inclined to think this isn't our biggest weakness, but what do you think?

After this quick position review here is what I think needs the most help, and thus what our biggest weakness is:

1. WR

2. Rushing DE

3. SS

4. FS

5. CB

6. OL

7. QB

8. RB

9. TE

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