I think Me and Dan Are Alike

Don't mean to have a big ego, but I simply think that Coach Dan Campbell and I might be alike. I loved reading in today's Free Press a quote from him saying, "he has a million ideas about what to do." It means he's trying to solve the puzzle.

I love solving problems in business, and perhaps all of life really. I love sports too and figuring out how to win fantasy championships, just like when I coached my sons in several sports how to help their teams be better and help each player be their best.

Ever see the Apple TV program Ted Lasso? I really relate to him too, even though he's a fictional character, he reflects a lot of my beliefs and in many ways the person I've always aspired to be. Dan Campbell should watch that series I think and see if he can relate as well.

Problems are the nature of life and in sports we have a small microcosm of issues and problems to resolve to be our best. It is as much about the team as it is having stars. Everything has to fit together. I think that's why in still another news article, the claim is made that Matt Stafford or Jared Goff aren't the heart of the matter as to why the Lions fail or succeed.

We need an efficient and effective QB, no doubt, but they can't and shouldn't be looked to to do it all on their own. Sure it doesn't hurt to have a QB with really special abilities, but it takes great receivers, blockers, and runners on offense to make it all work, and just as important, if not more so, you need a defense that prevents the other team from scoring on every possession.

Coach Dan has to figure things out and decide who he can count on to take the next step forward. I think he's got some building blocks and maybe a big part is just developing them and finding the right combination of players, the right scheme, the right plays, and developing the confidence in the team to execute more consistently - don't miss assignments, don't hesitate, don't over-anticipate, don't have stupid penalties, or maybe, just be that much more focused to see new opportunities.

Who do I think is a building block? I think you need both youth and veterans. Probably guys that can stay healthy is really important, and of course guys that have shown that they can make a difference.

This is the fun part. Winning culminates in having completed the puzzle, but getting there is really the fun to me, and I think it might be for Coach Dan too. It's frustrating at times, but it's what makes it challenging and interesting. He's not alone either. He's got GM Brad Holmes, Special Assistant Chris Spielman, and great assistant coaches around him.There's plenty of fun to share, and lots of abilities to contribute to solving the issues. I wish I could be part of the process and share in this fun.

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