How funny would it be if this rag tag team of misfits found a way to beat the media darling the Rams?

TThe Rams have been the talk of the town ever since Matthew Stafford got there to the point where it just makes me sick. Dont get me wrong I love the players they have on their team ranging from Stafford to Kupp to Donald. However the media just makes me sick and I would love to see us spoil their expectations

Now the expectation is that the Rams are going to blow us out as they are the most talented team at all levels. However they might be overlooking one thing: Jared Goff. Jared Goff is coming off a rough stretch of games to the point where fans, myself included, are considering giving Blough a shot. However think about what the Rams did to Goff. Think about everything everyone said about you. You go from being a Super Bowl contender to an afterthought. Wouldnt something like this just fire you up and make you want to stick to your old team. On top of that Dan Campbell is telling you to step up. So with everything up against you, what do you do if you are Goff? Come out swinging because up to this point Goff has just been playing timid football. I want to see him take more shots and I want him to be a little more aggressive. I bet Goff is probably more motivated to take on the Rams. If there is a game to step up, it will be this one. Will he answer the challenge? We will have to see on Sunday.

But I will tell you this, if Goff stinks it up on Sunday I want Blough in there going forward because if this game doesnt fire you up then I dont know what will?

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