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Lions Week 6 Song of the Game: ‘Better Times’ by Beach House

The Lions have been fools for weeks, but better times are coming.

WarnerMedia and AT&T Sundance Kick-Off Party Photo by Suzi Pratt/Getty Images for WarnerMedia and AT&T

The 2021 Detroit Lions stink. Six games in and we’re still waiting for our first win of the season—the only team left in the NFL without one. I think everyone expected this team to be bad in Year 1, but maybe not this bad. Still, despite the constant losing, fan optimism seems to be very high regarding the future of this team. A lot of that has to do with Dan Campbell being our head coach.

Year 1 in Detroit has absolutely been a baptism by fire for Campbell. This team is running dry on talent, star players are getting injured left and right, and the starting quarterback is playing about as poorly as you can possibly imagine in nearly every key moment of every game.

We knew we’d have to be patient this year, but it’s still hard to endure in real time. All we can do is reflect on better times, and hope that better times are waiting ahead.

Lions-Bengals Week 6 Song of the Game: “Better Times” by Beach House

I’ve been around before
Thought you weren’t looking anymore
But then we, we come and go, go up in smoke

I don’t want to know
I don’t want to know
We don’t need the sign to know better times

This piece from Beach House is a sad, yet beautifully constructed homage to a failed relationship—or at least that’s how I’d interpret it. While the heartbreak is felt throughout, the longing for better times is just as, if not more prevalent.

Brad Holmes was brought to Detroit to do the impossible: bring forth a winning culture in Detroit. The plan was centered around extinguishing the toxic environment left behind by the previous regime. While the culture has certainly changed for the better, the losing remains for now.

Been a fool for weeks
’Cause my heart stands for nothing and your soul’s too weak
Got a will that’s been around for days
Goes far if you want it
It needs to behave

But then you, you come around
Big mistake

A big reason why the Lions are struggling to get that first win is Jared Goff. Is he the only reason the Lions are losing? Of course not. Could he use some help around him? Absolutely. But he’s not doing this team any favors at the moment, and his most recent performance against the Bengals was arguably his worst of the season.

The relationship between Goff and Campbell could be on thin ice judging by Campbell’s most recent post-game presser. Though the comments weren’t all that harsh, you don’t normally see a head coach asking for better play from his quarterback publicly in front of the media.

Considering what he’s working with, Dan Campbell has done a solid job so far in his first year as a head coach. He’s been aggressive when he needs to be in-game, he has the players fully invested in what he’s building, and he’s saying all of the right things. It feels good to finally have a competent head coach with a solid staff around him.

Better times await us Lions fans with the current regime. I truly believe that.

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