Tank Time: What we learned, Bengals @ Lions

Oh... well... that just happened. It's time for week six of what we learned, and this one sends us lower than we've been at any point thus far into the season. The battle of the cats happened in the Motor City as the Bengals and Lions did battle, but it was anything but that as Detroit was stomped into the ground by a team that, not too long ago, was considered the joke of the NFL. There's a lot to talk about that I'm sure we can't wait to get to. Well, here we go. This should be a fun one.

Jared Goff should be benched for David Blough. Period.

Is this an overreaction? Perhaps. Can I back it up enough to speak volumes? I think so. I don't think I need to argue that Jared Goff has been downright putrid these past few weeks. He's been one of the Lions worst players, likely on par with Will Harris for worst Lions player in the past month. Sure, he doesn't have a lot of help. But didn't he have plenty of help in LA and no rings came from it? So, I think it's time to show Goff not even the starting QB is safe right now on this talent-depleted squad.

Yes, I know Campbell came out and said he didn't envision benching Goff, but he still expected more from him. He should whirl right around and pull a Spencer Rattler and let the backup step in. What would be the harm? We're rebuilding. Goff wouldn't be cut, as he would provide too much of a cap casualty, but let Blough get his reps. I'd heavily prefer to see him play than Goff at this point in time and see if the receivers react better with someone who's been in Honolulu blue longer.

Again, overreaction? Perhaps. Is it unfounded? I don't think so.

Kings of IR?

I'll admit, I don't know how many other teams have this many players (or starters) on IR:

- Jeff Okudah

- Ifeatu Melifonwu

- Romeo Okwara

- Da'Shawn Hand

- Tyrell Williams

- Quintez Cephus

- Frank Ragnow

- Taylor Decker

- Kevin Strong

Again, this isn't everyone on IR for Detroit, but these felt like the most notable starters. Charles Harris and Nick Williams are both hurt. Hockenson and Swift are both dealing with injuries. Don't forget that injury Sewell suffered a few weeks ago, maybe it correlated to his two games of struggles? Maybe it's just growing pains for the guy. Either way, missing this much talent speaks volumes on how depleted the Lions are as a whole. Even worse, it doesn't seem like it'll be getting better anytime soon.

Time to see more of Derrick Barnes

One of the lone bright spots on either side of the ball defensively was rookie Derrick Barnes. He posted a 90.5 PFF grade in his game against Cincy, which would be good for a top 3 linebacker performance from any team all week. Sure, the sample size was small; only 33 total defensive snaps taken, but it's still great to see some kind of progress with the young and inexperienced core Detroit is rolling out every week. Barnes' key highlight was breaking-up a sure touchdown catch from Bengals tight end Drew Sample.

Can he replicate this performance against LA? Maybe? Even if he puts together a somewhat decent performance that can somewhat doubles down on his sturdy performance against the Bengals? Maybe? Here's hoping.

Lynn needs to go

Look, I'm a bit torn on here because it's only one game, but has it only been one game that this has been happening? In case we needed any reminder, the Lions have now been shutout in a half four times this season. Yes, four. It happened once against the Packers, the Ravens, the Bears and now the Bengals. It's beyond just being shut out though.

Lynn is supposed to be a run-smart coordinator. But the Lions struggles on the ground continue. Of course, it's not saying the air attack has been any better, since all I get to see Goff throwing are two yard check downs to Raymond and Hockenson for little gain or none whatsoever. Sure, not all the blame falls on Lynn; he's missing his top two wideouts, his top two offensive lineman and a top 20 quarterback to actually sling the ball downfield. If you took Hockenson and Swift out of this offense, I legitimately think we could be shut out every game the rest of the season. It's been that hard to watch.

Lynn, thanks for trying your hand. But you're not doing us any favors. The door is that way, have a nice day.

It's Officially Kayvon SZN. Lions Control their own destiny for the #1 overall pick

It's also a bit deflating to know the consensus #1 pick isn't a position of ridiculous need for the Lions, but I'm sure we'd all welcome that first slot with open arms. The Oregon defense end is considered to be the consensus #1 pick, and the Lions are now in sole possession of that very slot. Sure, Kyle Hamilton from Notre Dame may be the most preferred player, as Will Harris is... well... horrible... and Tracey Walker is slated to be a free agent this offseason.

But he's not the best overall player on the board and that's pretty well-known. Do the Lions trade down? It's definitely possible; there's not a single quarterback I'd consider taking inside the top five right now. I do like Malik Willis from Liberty and Carson Strong from Nevada, but neither one is #1 pick worthy. In any event, at 0-6, let's look ahead to the draft. If you think this season can be saved, I commend your might and loyalty. It's not happening.

Time to think ahead.

Assuming they hold the #1 pick, Do the Lions take Kayvon, take someone else or trade the pick? What would you want? Let me know!

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