Way too early 2022 offseason

Being bored at work I've decided to put some thought towards the offseason because this season is basically done. So let's dive right in.

Free agency

Detroit will need to make several cap casuality cuts this offseason (I'm looking at you Flowers and Vaitai in particular)and should have a decent amount of cap space to work with. Instead of listing a bunch of potential available free agents I'll just mention some ideas.

There are obviously holes all over the roster, knowing that I don't think spending a ton in FA is smart. However, I feel they can address LB and safety in FA as those positions are cheaper than CB/edge rusher. Also think getting a solid yet unspectacular vet at CB would be great. Offensively I feel they can try to address RG position and go after a wr or two (not one of the big name guys most likely).


This is where I feel management could go anyway they want and still come out good. I see 3 different scenarios they can go.

1. Lions decide on QB early... many are saying QB class does not look great but when you have your pick of the litter maybe you should. My favorite so far is Matt Corral from Ole miss. Personally I like this idea as you can afford to bring the rookie along slowly thanks to Goff's ugly contract. Later in the first I think going edge rusher or BPA makes sense.

2. They pass on QB and go best defensive player, whether that's Thibodeaux or the safety Hamilton either player likely becomes a cornerstone based on talent. In this scenario I don't like a QB later unless a good one somehow falls. This scenario should be straight up BPA to help fix as many holes as possible.

3. Another team really wants Hamilton, Thibodeaux, or a QB and offers a treasure trove of picks. Based on the pure lack of talent on the team this scenario is extremely appealing.

Let me know what you think and any ideas you have I enjoy discussing Lions football... and considering the sad state of this season I wanted to focus on something less disappointing.

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