Why Fans are calling for David Blough to be put in

I have seen a lot of articles stating how Bloguh won't solve our problems, or how Jared Goff is our best chance to win, or how this team has so many holes that Blough is just going to struggle,or that we are paying Goff too much to be a backup and I get all of that.

However I want to ask you what was the thing that Dan Campbell said that made us all hyped: "This city has been kicked,it has been battered and found a way to get back up. This team is going to take on the identity of the city. You knock us down. We get back up and bite a kneecap. And the we will bite another kneecap and take another hunk out of and soon enough we will be the last ones standing"

Campbell stayed true to this by signing guys who had something to prove. And guess what, he has kept the hungriest players on this roster. This team will play for Dan Campbell.

So this brings me to David Blough. During training camp we thought that Tim Boyle was going to be the backup to Goff because of his arm talent and that Blough would not make this team. And we know what happened in the preseason. Boyle stunk it up and Blough was making plays. Ik it was preseason and it was with backups and third-stringers, but everytime Blough took the field he made something happen. It was because of this effort he fought way his way on to the team, with help from Boyle getting injured. But I truly believe even if Boyle was healthy, Campbell would have cut Boyle and kept Blough.

So now when it comes to forging identity of your team, don't you want your qb to embody the identity that Campbell is trying to instill. I figured Goff would come in as a man possessed considering the whole trade drama and up his game to another level, but it seems to me his confidence has just been broken. That does not embody the grit identity Campbell is trying to instill. And it seems to Goff has just been complacent at times, and Campell has noticed this which is why he called Goff out.

While Goff may have the talent, Blough already has the identity instilled in him. He has been fighting for his spot since day 1 and has earned everything he has gotten so far and he deserves an opportunity to start, especially if Goff continues to play timid football. This is why fans are calling for Blough. It might be irrational, but I dont see any rational solutions on the horizon.

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