My starters - what do you think?

I'm frustrated with the play of the Lions, although at times I've felt that they've given good effort and shown some promise. Still, I think it is time to make some changes. Here's how'd I like to see the team manned out from this point forward:

QB Keep starting Goff but let Blough into games if Goff simply doesn't perform

RB Swift and Williams should continue to lead the way.

FB Cabinda is not a starter but should play when the play calls for it.

TE Hockenson, dah

WR Raymond and then go with who shows the most or stays hot in a game

SL St Brown

OL Sewell, Jackson, Brown, and then rotate Vaitai with Stenberg to see if the latter should stick in the future, Nelson

OL/Edge R Okwara, J Okwara

DL Brockers, McNeill, Onwuzurike

LB Anzalone, Barnes

CB Oruwariye, Jacobs

S Walker, Price - I simply don't believe in Harris and Price might use the CB experience to be a better SS

All and all that's not a lot of radical change, but I've removed Flowers and W Harris from the starting lineup on D, and want to see the O-Line experiment a bit to see if Vaitai is worth the investment next season.Maybe giving Goff the nod to start with Blough acknowledged as being ready to step in lights a fire there.This is about all you can do, in my opinion. Of course, substituting could be interesting who and when reserves come in might be another change that I'd recommend. Here's some ideas I'll share:

1. Get Hand in as soon as he's ready.

2. Keep bringing C Harris and Bryant in regularly.

3. Keep Penisini in the mix.

4. Bring Reeves-Maybin in more for either LB.

5. Bring Blough or even give Montarez a shot, if Blough falters.

6. Try two RBs more with Jefferson getting some time too.

7. Try 4 wide outs with Hockenson, St Brown, Hodge, and Benson.

As to plays I'd like to see something different and unique. Play, run sweep option anybody?

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