Big Picture Play

My big picture plan if I’m Sheila

and im

committed to winning

is A bit of a long play but I think comes

witn significant benefits.

The lions org rep might be moving up with chris Spielman

helping make sure players are priority

But ownership could still use a boost.

Now I don’t know whst type of percentage makes it worth while

but give Calvin and Peyton Manning some points on the team -

enough where they’re committed to being ownership faces

well respected stars of the league

manning a family they can ride

them get

It will likely be several months before Arch Manning, the top-ranked

player in the 2023 recruiting class, makes a decision about where he’ll play college football.

They can try and pull him from college early -

he’s probably a guy who can start training for the pro game now

with Peyton as an owner

there’s little worry arch angles for a trade

with the name and storyline

nfl won’t let th fail

definitely not sol

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