Dapper Dan losing the team?

Looking around the internet, I am starting to see signs that some of the players are losing patience with Dandy Dan and his cast of Idiots, and Jared Goff. I heard 2 very specific references on the NFL network where the commentators have noticed that some Lions players are "not giving max effort" and "not following their assignments" even though they should be doing those things, and saying maybe the players are starting to Bail on Disaster Dan because they are sick of losing.

See Below :

If you notice in the videos, the author keeps saying "We are going to lose these guys." Of course what he means is talented players like D'andre Swift are going to get sick of losing and force a trade and leave the team. I have no doubt this is going to happen. Players get sick of losing real fast.

I am not saying the team is up in revolt...but the rot is starting to set in. There are a few players who I am sure would like to move Jared Goff and Dan Campbell along to other positions in life.

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