Another Sunday, another loss

So, we say hello to 0-7 under Vince Lombardi...err oops sorry Dan Campbell. The Genius. The man who has given Detroit "a new lease on life". The next Bill Parcells who just needs to play with his tinker toys and figure out how things work to get us multiple super bowl rings. The coach the players would "run through a wall for". Except he just can't seem to figure out how to win a football game. 0-11 combined in Detroit.

Now, any city with normal fans would be buzzing about the coach by now. Most fan bases expect to win ball games. Or at least a few. In places with people who think like an adult, the coach even in his first year, would be feeling his seat heat up a little at 0-11.

But of course, not in Detroit.

There is not much to say about this game. It's a typical Campbell led Lions game. Predictable, dink and dunk short pass offense, poor defense, and the classic at the absolute worst time Jared Goff turnover. Sums up the 2021 Lions.

Well gonna clear off the board, as I know the Tsunami is coming. By tomorrow morning this board will be full of posts of people thumping their chests about how we "almost won" and how the Lions are REALLY better than the Rams are and how we "hung with them to the end" and they "got lucky" that the Lions are a "cursed team." Which will of course lead to what a genius Campbell is and how we are so "young and hungry" and other teams are afraid to play us with paragraphs and paragraphs of stats and breakdowns of plays as "proof" of what a awesome team this "rag tag group of misfits" really is. Gonna pass on all that myself.

Well congrats folks, you have succeeded, by eternally drinking the kool aid, into making Dan Campbell the most popular 0-7 coach who ever lived!! Now if you would just stop watching the MSU spartan games and UM games and sell the Lions BRAND they win a game!

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