I like these guys

I like these guys!

I've no idea whether they will actually do anything more than past Lions regimes.

But dammit?!? I like these guys. At first I thought Campbell was just some doofus who was out of his depth. But dammit ... he released guys (and that cost a lot) who didn't buy in. Campbell (and by proxy Holmes) didn't give a damn. They go into LA, playing against the former franchise player and very successful LA Rams ... and threw caution against the wind. Could have seriously looked foolish, if the on-side kick and fake punts haven't had worked. But these guys didn't care ... they did it anyway.

Campbell don't care. He looked crazy with his "biting kneecaps" comment. He looked crazy crying in front of the camera's. He doubled down on crazy faking multiple punts and on-side kicking. But he don't care. Win or lose? I like that.

This time it's different. Will it lead to success? Hell if I know. I can guarantee one thing. It doesn't matter what any of his players make, or their reputations in the NFL. Campbell plays the guys he thinks gives hi team the best chance.

I like these guys. I like Campbell. It's been on helluva long time since I've been able to state that. That alone ... gives me hope. For whatever that is worth.

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