My View Right Now

I’m reading a lot of gloom and doom from the koolaid drinkers lately. I don’t think people are understanding the big picture right now, I will try to explain what I think the Lions are doing.

They are tanking, but they are trying to win each game as they go. The players and coaches are trying extremely hard, and it’s been decent to watch, except for Goff, but I will get to that. But the team lacks talent, like I’ve been saying for 3 years now, but it is getting really obvious now. The Lions have made a decision to rebuild in what they think is the right way. Not sure I totally agree with all of it, but this is at least a long term plan. They are eating a ton of bad cap money now rather than sticking into the future. Not just Collins, but they cut a bunch of vets who they still owe. I think they want minimal dead cap by 2023. So management is going to live with this poor roster, no big signing is gonna happen, no Jaylon Smith or star CB is coming to Detroit. Vets on minimum deals is all we will see this year. Management just isn’t giving Campbell enough talent to win a lot of games. Tanking from management, but doing it with players who will give it all.

We decided to go with meat before potatoes in the draft, and we chose 4 big dudes and a receiver with our first 5 picks. Of course the non realists saw this as fixing our 2 lines. No, you do not fix power positions in the NFL with rookies, they always get overpowered by older stronger players when they are young. Look at the rookie seasons of all of the recent DTs picked early the last few seasons, none star as rookies. It takes at least 2 years to become NFL strong at those spots. Last year, Kinlaw and Brown were both stud DT prospects, and both are decent. But both had poor PFF scores as rookies last year. Same with the 2 years before, they first rounders struggled. Both Kinlaw and Brown were better prospects than the guys we drafted. Our guys were not drafted to be immediate fixes, they were drafted first because thos positions take a while to develop. The people saying our draft was a bust because none of our first 3 picks are starring are delusional. Management, coaches, and o-en eyed fans know these players won’t really fix anything until next year. This year, they will probably get pushed around. Even or stud OT is getting pushed around the last couple games, so did all 4 top 12 OTs picked last year, at least early on. Later on, we picked a LB and a WR. These are positions also where rookies are usually not the answer, especially 4th rounders. Both guys show skills, but neither knows what to,do totally yet. Barnes need a whole offseason to learn more. St Brown lacks some speed, but can be a usable possession receiver.

All of these rookies are about where the coaches and management reasonably expected them to be. Personally, I think the rookies are the only reason to like watching this team right now. I fully expect us to draft a lot of speed next year, and a QB.

Oir receivers are not very good, but they are NFL football players, guys who played their whole lives to get to this level, and they can all catch a pass and get open if the play is set up,right. I think Lynn is doing a great job in both the running game and the passing game of getting guys in space by scheme. Setting up plays to get guys open rather than relying on guys to just be others one on one. We aren’t good at that. We have open players on offense. But Goff does not see them. For those who are quoting stats or making excuses for Goff, wake up. He doesn’t see the field, he sees the rush. He makes mistakes, bad ones. It will never stop. He is a guy who the Lions had made a sacrificial lamb, run our close to best offense til we get a real guy. Personally, I have a hard time watching this, because I see how bad he is. Casual fans don’t notice it as much, but if you believe anything else I’ve ever written, believe this. Goff is really bad. He isn’t going to improve, ever. He can’t see things.

I think our coaches are doing fine. I don’t like all of managements decisions, but I see the plan. I also saw 0-5 as almost a sure thing preseason, I think we might lose til Thanksgiving. But we will win a couple. I expect a to[ 3 pick, and it will be either Corral from Mississippi or Willis from Liberty. If they decide that neither of these 2 are the answer, a vet will be brought in next year. The fan base won’t tolerate another year of Goff, many are already starting to turn on him. 0-10 or 1-9 isn’t going to keep him popular.

‘Other than I’m sure they would’ve liked a victory and better health, this season is the plan. We went into the season with no depth anywhere, so any injury was gonna kill us, didn’t really matter who. This playing of under talented players was inevitable, it’s part of management tanking. How else can you explain trading your potential hall of fame QB for nothing this year, all of the value is in the future. Only a supplemental 3rd and a contract that was one of the worst in pro sports.

I think the Lions management went into this year with the realistic goal of trying to win about 3 games, and they are right on track. But the rookie class is pretty good, it is just that too much is always hoped for from rookies by fans.

A couple other things. I am sticking with my prediction that Boyle will start games for us this year, and the fans will applaud the decision when it comes.

I thought Urban Meyer could take Lawrence and make him into a star in 2 seasons. He still could be a star, but Urban has not taken this job on as all in. He is coasting, players and management see it, and he will get fired soon, or quit. I know his football mind is great, but he is trying to be a head coach now without doing the workload it takes. Not gonna last.

‘Barnes is really green, not ready for LB yet. Maybin gonna play a lot this year.

Imdo not get the Price at CB thing. He can’t cover people. Couldn’t in preseason, and hasn’t in any game yet. He is just in way over his head, really obvious. Maybe he develops, but I can’t see it here. I would’ve kept Ford, and put price on th PS for at least a half season. He is not ready.

Our WRs are better than some think, but none are better than a number 4 or 5 guy. Cephus can get open with strength, is pretty good at it. But Goff only throws to wide open, not a good matchup. I haven’t seen it with Bensen at all so far, but it’s still early. Raymond is the one guy we have who can threaten a defense, I’m glad they finally used him last game. But he is exceptionally thin, looks like he can’t take many hits. Keep him off special teams please.

‘Too bad about Romeo, our best player on defense so far.

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