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2021 Pride of Detroit Movember charity drive: How to donate, raffle prizes, goals

We’re growing mustaches and giving away prizes during all of November for a couple of good causes.

The mustache is coming back.

It’s officially Movember, which is often celebrated by growing out a mustache in support of men’s health. Last year, finding myself house-ridden due to the COVID pandemic, I finally felt comfortable enough to participate, knowing my mustache would be covered by a mask most times I went out in public.

Well, it kind of became a thing. Our Twitch community begged me the keep it in the form of an overwhelming amount of subscriptions gifted to our community. Soon Movember turned into Movcember, Movuary, Movruary, Movch, and Movpril. Even Lions assistant head coach Duce Staley ended up catching wind of the mustache, showing his support for the art of facial hair.

This year, I wanted to pay it forward and use the power of the mustache to raise money for charities. If all goes well, I’d love to make this an annual thing.

Here are details for the First Annual Pride of Detroit Movember Charity Drive, 2021:


This year, we will be raising money for two different charities.

November 1-15: Prostate Cancer Foundation

For the first half of the month, all donations will go towards the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Money donated to PCF helps fund research for new medicine and treatments. Prostate cancer is one of the biggest issues facing men’s health, as one in eight men will be diagnosed with it in their lifetime. If you do not want to donate through our campaign, you can donate directly to them here.

November 16-30: RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network)

For the last half of November, all donations will go straight to RAINN, the Nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. This is an issue that faces all people. RAINN aims to help by supporting over 1,000 sexual assault service providers, while also developing programs to help prevent sexual violence. You can give directly to RAINN here.

How to donate through our campaign


Our campaign for the first half of the month is already live! Simply click on this link and give whatever amount you can. Your donation will be added to our total automatically. To be eligible for some of the prizes, make sure you use a real email address so I can contact you if you win.


For every $20 you donate, you will receive a virtual raffle ticket. There is no actual ticket, virtual or physical, but I will keep track of each donation.

  • $20 = 1 raffle ticket
  • $40 = 2 raffle tickets
  • $60 = 3 raffle tickets

And so on, and so on.

At the end of the month, I will put together all of the raffle tickets and use an online random drawer to pull winners of the raffle.

What can you win? I’m glad you asked. Here’s everything up for grabs:

Courtesy of the Detroit Lions

  • A football signed by Penei Sewell
  • A football signed by Jamaal Williams
  • 2 lower bowl tickets to Lions vs. Vikings (December 5)
  • Lions scarf

Courtesy of SB Nation

  • 5 Pride of Detroit shirts (given away separately)

Courtesy of Questionable Teez

Courtesy of Ryan Mathews

But there’s more...

Donation goals

Last year, we were able to raise $8,100 for the Kyle Caskey Foundation in a single night. Because we’re raising money for an entire month, we’re challenging y’all to beat that total... handily. To help incentivize you to donate, we’re offering these rewards if we hit the following donation benchmarks for the month (combining both charities):

  • Every $2,500 donated, Jeremy spins the Wheel of Pain

Last year, the Wheel of Pain featured: pie in the face, eat a dog treat, take a shot of hot sauce

  • $5,000 — Ryan shaves facial hair into mustache only
  • $10,000 — Jeremy does a Ned Flanders cosplay stream
  • $15,000 — Jeremy will keep his mustache through December
  • $20,000 — Jeremy will do a Ted Lasso cosplay
  • $25,000 — Jeremy will dye his mustache half blue, half silver
  • $50,000 — Jeremy will shave his head

Donation incentives

There are also individual rewards you can earn with a single donation. To redeem a donation incentive, make sure you select your desired incentive after putting in the amount you donate. You should receive a prompt letting you know that your donation is eligible for a reward.

Here are the individual rewards you can earn automatically by donating:

  • $40 — Change Jeremy’s virtual background
  • $80 — Mute podcast host of your choice for 1 minute
  • $100 — Pick a phrase/word for Jeremy to write on his face
  • $200 — Pick an ingredient in Chris’ mixed drink at the end of the month (maximum 7)
  • $250 — We’ll hold an Amazon Prime watch party on our Twitch page with a movie/TV show of your choosing (must be in Amazon Prime’s catalog)
  • $500 — Write an article for Pride of Detroit (subject to editorial process)
  • $750 — Be a guest on the PODcast

While not necessary, I would highly recommend donating and redeeming the above rewards while we’re live on Twitch. We’re typically live on Sunday nights after the game, Wednesday/Thursday nights to preview the game, and Saturday mornings for our Madden Sims. Follow the Pride of Detroit Twitch page here, and make sure you have notifications on for when we go live.

One more thing...

When I pitched this thing to the Lions, they wanted to participate. So for every Tuesday in the month of November, we’ll be doing an exclusive interview with a Lions player. The one exception may be during the week of Thanksgiving, but we already have something for that week planned that you draft-lovers will be happy with.

Alright, y’all. DONATE!

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