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Jared Goff to sit during Wednesday’s practice, Tim Boyle taking first-team reps

Goff availability vs. the Browns is uncertain.

Philadelphia Eagles v Detroit Lions Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff played through an oblique injury last week in Pittsburgh, and while he didn’t miss a snap, he was reportedly limited and dealing with some pain, though Goff downplayed that notion in his post-game press conference.

“Just kind of nagged me a little bit throughout the game,” Goff said. “I felt like I was fine in there and felt like it didn’t affect me through the game. But it will be a little sore tomorrow, but I’ll be fine.”

On Monday, Campbell acknowledged that Goff was “ a little sore” and that he was being evaluated “later this afternoon”, but felt confident none of the injuries the team suffered against the Steelers were “long-term.”

At his Wednesday press conference, coach Dan Campbell said that Goff was going to take the day off to see if his injury will improve with rest.

“We’re taking it day-to-day,” Campbell said. “He’s going to sit today, and then we’ll reassess tomorrow, see how he’s feeling.”

According to Campbell, the concern is both about managing Goff’s pain and the injury limiting his ability to use proper mechanics while throwing the ball.

“There’s pain management to it, and then some of it will just be, if we can get it to calm down a little bit, to where it’s more manageable, where he feels he can step into the throw and really put a lot of zing on it,” Campbell said. “So I think it’s two-fold. It is the pain, but it’s also, yes, calming it down to where the pain doesn’t affect the torque that you’re trying to put on a throw.”

While Goff takes the time to recover, it will be Tim Boyle taking the primary first-team reps at practice, according to Campbell. Boyle is still on injured reserve after suffering a broken finger in the preseason, but he returned to practice last week, and Wednesday will mark Day 8 of his 21-day evaluation period. Campbell said he saw promising developments from Boyle during those practices.

“He looked good,” Campbell said. “He worked his way back in there. It was scout team, is what he was doing, but he looked good. He looked comfortable, and he’s throwing it well. You can tell the finger looks like it’s good.”

The Lions have a tight schedule coming up. With Thanksgiving next week, the Lions will have two games in a four-day stretch. However, Campbell rebuffed at the idea of potentially managing snaps this week to prepare for next week against the Chicago Bears.

“It’s a thought, but I think more importantly, it’s like we have to use every resource that we have and do everything that we need to prepare to beat this team,” Campbell said. “So yes, but no, because I think if we worry too much about two games in 10 days, then we won’t have enough focus on this opponent right now. We have to find a way to be competitive and try to pull out a victory here at Cleveland. So to me, that’s the sole focus. We’ll worry about next week, next week.”

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