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Diagnosing the Detroit Lions offensive playcalling vs. Browns

We recap another ugly performance from the offense and wonder if Dan Campbell should be getting more blame.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The worst part about “chicken or the egg?” scenarios is that they have no binary answer. It’s both, at the same time, each feeding into one another in an endless loop of woe.

So it is for the Detroit Lions offense now. Dan Campbell may have taken over playcalling to disastrous effect, but it’s not like the personnel is great to work with either. You’d love to throw the ball downfield and end this team’s incredibly useless succession of third-and-long situations that go nowhere, but the quarterback and receiver options are beyond sub-optimal.

Where to go? What to fix, what might be here for the season and what can you even salvage from this game?

PODcast breaks it all down on our very-well-reviewed podcast that dissects all things Detroit Lions.

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