Campbell is making the Lions a national joke

Lynn needs to get play calling back before the Turkey day game, PLEASE! I heard the complaints about Lynn and how he was in trouble but after Campbell took over play calling it is CLEAR that we need Lynn back. Campbell has wasted the effort of players who really earned 2 wins but got a tie and a loss instead. National press is laughing at the tremendous stupidity of the Lions play calling. Campbell was lauded for his risk taking but his taking over the play calling and the red dot to talk to the QB has resulted in the WORST QB performances of the season. If the goal was to secure the number 1 pick then Dan has done an excellent job, however if the goal was to improve the team he is an absolute failure. Lynn has proven earlier in the year that he can call a good game and it would be great if the Lions could play a game that would not make everyone lose their turkey dinner. Campbell's play calling is atrocious. Yes the running game is great but his calls are far too conservative. Since Campbell has taken over the offense some of the calls are just stupid. He runs the ball too much. He makes the old big 10 philosophy of 3 yards and a cloud of dust seem wild and too pass happy.

I don't want Campbell fired but I want him demoted. Lynn needs to call plays or hire someone else to do it but Campbell needs to be out. Belichick at one point called plays but he gave up the job. he realized that it was too much for him. Imagine a defensive mind like his calling plays and how interesting it would be but he gave it up. Campbell has proven he should not call plays unless the goal is to secure the first pick. The national media already picks on the Lions, does Campbell really need to add to that?

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