Lions’ Lynn at peace with losing playcalling role

Losing playcalling responsibilities is scarcely a good sign for a coordinator, but that’s not how offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn is considering it.

Head coach of Detroit Lions Dan Campbell took the offensive playcalling responsibilities from Lynn in Pittsburgh a week ago, and with the way the Lions were playing, that’s what Lynn would have done also with the analysis at being in his favour.

Lynn disclosed before practice on Thursday, "I don’t see it as a demotion, I’ve been in Dan’s shoes, and if I was 0-8, hell, I need to spark my team being an offensive guy, I probably would have done the same thing, to be honest with you. And I have. I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t agree with what he did."

Lynn was employed to call the offensive plays earlier in January, and the results were quite poor through eight matches. The running contest has shown a lot of advancement, but the passing match has fallen apart with quarterback Jared Goff under center with best online casino canada watching closely. Jared Goff has been a bottom-10 QBas per most major passing metrics, and he’s been the worst as per some, including QBR and air yards per completion.

Put all of these together, and the Detroit Lions have been completely shut out in the first half on four occasions this year, possess the third-worst scoring offense overall, and currently rank dead-last in DVOA, a coherence metric from Football Outsiders.

With Detroit Lion 0-8 coming out of the bye, Dan Campbell opted it was time for him to get a lot more involved. He decided to take over the offensive playcalling while in search of a major spark, also to have more chances to talk to Jared Goff and better know the machinations of the offense. Only a single person can relay plays into the QB.

Campbell said, "I thought, hey, why not change it up a little bit here?"And I wanted to be able to talk to (Goff) in-game, and sometimes I think when you’re able to get in the flow of the game when you’re the guy who’s calling it, it just helps to know exactly where to go.

"Honestly, I don’t think it’s a big deal. There were still things I was giving to A. Lynn when he was calling it. It’s just now I took the green dot basically to Goff, so I can communicate with him. I’ll still grab some calls from them, I’ll use my own calls and so it’s a joint effort by all those guys."

After Jefferson’s touchdown run handed them a 16-10 lead, the Detroit Lions went scoreless on their final seven matchups, including all three in overtime, without a desperation final play.

Lynn said, "I thought it worked well, I thought we worked well together last week. He asked me my opinion on certain things and he’d make those calls. But he wanted to talk to the quarterback. That was the main thing. He wanted to communicate with the quarterback and only one person can do that, so he’s got the headset.

"I will call plays. I call them through him. I assist him. I’ll do whatever he wants me to do."

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