Ownership perspective

Many of you have seen me often taking the side of players vs ownership

making arguments that I think nfl owners hsve the better leverage , lawyers , resources and continuity

thst allows them to continue to use it to get what they want or do what they want.

I've often heard ownership defended because they're owners with the money at risk

so that they have every right to collect unearned signing bonuses or compel players to stand for the anthem.

They have the right to chase profits , and they really don't care about the players long term

it's more about how they're an asset now.

When we talk Rooney rule on here , many say they're opposed while I'm just pointing out-

no matter how we feel about it-

the owners set the agenda and adopted these rules ... even while the lions haven't needed those rules to hire from a diverse pool. It's a part of the nfl landscaper by owners' decision .

So I definitely find the Covid protocol , competitive advantages cooked into the rules, an interesting topic.

It's not so much so we can argue what we believe over vaccine or

of the rules sre fair but more so to discuss the choices or reasoning since

the owners adopted these rules and the nflpa agreed to them.

Jerry's comments on Amari are interesting and reading between the lines

What do you think about what Jerry has said ?

They lost a big game and are without a big talent on a National game of the week stage again

and These big games imo are part of what Jerry uses to further his brand

and feature his star players and winning. millions of dollars in local economy can be impacted by a single home playoff game

"First of all, he wouldn’t have been testing had he been vaccinated," Jones said, via Mark Lane of WFAA. "So, he didn’t have symptoms. So, he wouldn’t have been tested. So, there’s a very likelihood like he is he might have played had he been vaccinated, number one. Number two, after you are tested and you are vaccinated, you can come back quicker. It’s an automatic 10 days if you haven’t been vaccinated. It’s not automatic if you have not been vaccinated and you get to test and testing negative is important, but you have to have a couple tests negative.

"It is very punitive to get the COVID, to be trite, it’s very punitive to get the COVID if you’re not vaccinated in the NFL. It’s very punitive. We have a high alert for unvaccinated players in the NFL, a high alert. And, in fact, it is punitive as we see if in fact you’re not vaccinated and get the COVID as opposed to being vaccinated and getting the COVID. Period. And we’re going through kind of a classic case of how it would have been different vaccinated."

Asked if he’s disappointed in Cooper, Jones didn’t give a direct yes or no answer, but instead pointed to the team aspect of the sport.

"I’m just, again, I said it early. You check ‘me’ at the door in a football team," Jones said. "That has nothing to do with the issues of masking, not masking, getting vaccinated, not getting vaccinated. And if I have a ton, I shouldn’t. It just has nothing to do with it. The facts are it is a ‘we’ thing when you walk into the locker room, and anybody is being counted on to pull his weight. Everybody expects that. They look around at each other. They understand everybody’s rights. They do. We do. Everybody understands our rights and our options as it pertains to those rights. But can you — if you forget it’s a ‘we’ thing and how important your part is.

"Obviously these guys are rewarded. They’re rewarded financially. Now, Amari Cooper is outstanding, folks. He’s one of the highest character guys you will ever be around in any area. And he’s outstanding in his introspect and how he does things. When he was at the Raiders for a year or two he set up a library for players to read during their breaks which they have. So, my point is he’s outstanding and nobody’s saying that he isn’t outstanding. But this is a classic case of how it can impact a team when people are, at the end of the day, this is not individual; this is team. You cannot win anything individually. So, all of that are statements everybody has heard until they are blue in the face. But the point is this popped us. This did pop us."

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