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Podcast: The Bears have run out of excuses. Can the Lions take advantage?

Matt Nagy is circling the drain

NFL: Chicago Bears at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears are on a collision course for regime change. Rumors are beginning to swirl regarding the future of head coach Matt Nagy, and with starting quarterback Justin Fields unavailable for their Thanksgiving game against the Detroit Lions, doom may finally be hovering over his head.

This is quite excellent if you’re a Lions fan looking for some schadenfreude in the whole lot of this season.

We invited Fox Sports Radio national host Jonas Knox on to discuss the game with us, and honestly, it felt partly like therapy for Jonas in a way. Jonas stays plugged into the Chicago sports scene, and he helped us break down the latest rumors involving Nagy’s future, the quarterback situation with Fields and Andy Dalton, plus all the way that the culture in Chicago has become one big giant circus over the years; especially in how Nagy has always seemingly found a scapegoat to place blame upon when seasons went belly up.

But the Bears also have to play the Lions on Thanksgiving, and we’re previewing and breaking down this game and the real shot, if any, the Lions have to get a win over their bitter rivals.

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