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Lions vs Bears: What Just Happened? Thanksgiving Edition

A collection of thoughts on the Lions Thanksgiving loss

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images

They find a new way to lose every week don’t they Lions fans? The Detroit Lions took a bunch of stupid pills before the game and, while they were delayed, they finally kicked in during the final minutes of the Lions' 16-14 loss.

As always, I have thoughts on this game. These are those thoughts:

The IneptiDude

Dan Campbell has been called The Dude by some because of his likeness to Jeff Bridges and his attitude that’s similar to Bridges' famous Big Lebowski character. On Thanksgiving Campbell earned another nickname in the closing minutes of the game. He’s The IneptiDude now.

That was possibly the dumbest three minutes in Lions history. The Lions burned a timeout and then immediately burned another. The second one caused a penalty and the Lions gave up a free five yards on the biggest third down of the game.

Then Campbell almost burned another one but got bailed out by another inept coach (Bears’ Matt Nagy) who called a timeout at the exact same time. Then the Lions lost on a last-second field goal yet again. This is the fourth game in a row that Campbell’s ineptitude has cost the Lions a game. Things are not looking as bright for his future as they once did.

Please stop taking penalties

Please stop holding. While you’re at it, please stop with the false starts too. The Lions destroyed two drives on Thursday with bad penalties.

The Lions somehow magically had a third-and-32 twice in one game. That’s huge since there have only been 45 instances of third-and-32 since 1994. The Lions truly find themselves in the weirdest of situations.

What else could go wrong?

Let’s see, how about we pepper some injuries in there too. Derrick Barnes left the game with a possible concussion and Jalen Reeves-Maybin left the game with a shoulder injury. The biggest of all is that D’Andre Swift went down with a shoulder injury early in the game and was not able to come back in. For a team that’s already devastated by injuries, I’m starting to wonder who’s actually going to be available to play the rest of the season.

The good news is that the Lions have some extended time off before their Week 13 game.

Amani Oruwariye: Pro Bowler?

I didn’t see it coming for the guy before the season, but Oruwariye has shown that he’s a pretty good corner in the NFL. He grabbed his fifth interception on Thanksgiving day. He’s getting Pro Bowl votes too.

At the end of the day, 10th in voting is down there. He could wind up being an alternate due to injured players or players playing in important playoff games. He also has a questionable PFF grade of 49.8 as of the time I’m writing this. But, it’s possible he can earn some post-season accolades if he can grab a couple more picks.

Happy Thanksgiving

Keeping it short and sweet this week. Here are 10 things I’m grateful for this season:

  1. My wife and family.
  2. POD readers. You folks are great and we continue to grow every year because of all of you.
  3. The POD staff. I’m so happy to be part of such a great team. I truly believe we’re at the top of the spectrum when it comes to covering the Lions.
  4. D’Andre Swift.
  5. New Era has made some nice Lions hats this year.
  6. Devon Sawa followed me on Twitter the other day and that seems cool.
  7. Penei Sewell, Lucas Raymond, and Cade Cunningham.
  8. The short passes that work.
  9. The turkey I’m going to go eat now.
  10. The stuffing that goes with it.

Alright, Lions fans. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Take us out Uncle Phil.

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