Another Horrendous Performance; What we learned, CHI @ DET

Well, I figured I'd hop on this one as soon as I could so I could go on to watching much better games than what we were just stuck watching. It's time for what we learned... but we really didn't learn much. Like seriously, what exactly did we learn about this game? Well, I guess I'll give some observations, but this game was severely disappointing.

The Lions play better on the road than at home

I'd say this was probably just behind the Bengals game and the Eagles game in terms of how ugly of a match this was. They put up a fight in Green Bay, they narrowly lost to Chicago the first time around, and a deep-field goal was needed to beat them in Minnesota the week after. They put up a battle in LA, tied Pittsburgh and lost by 3 to Cleveland.

At home, their three ugliest games have been played, and in rapid fire succession as well. For those who opted against watching this game, I don't blame you; it was absolutely horrendous.

Penalties were a spark that burned down drives

Getting a 3rd and 32 is a tough task to do in any game. Detroit managed to do it twice in one game. How is this even possible? Well, they got false starts and holding penalties as far as the eye can see. Yes, again, this was in Detroit. Chicago had no false starts. If memory serves, the Lions had three all game. It was humiliating.

Three straight penalties on two different drives (making a total of six) killed these drives, one of which began at Chicago's 30 yard line before the penalties knocked them at midfield. It's inexcusable. It's humiliating. I wonder what Campbell will have to say about this.

There was not a single bright spot on the offense. Not one.

Well, fine; maybe one. Josh Reynolds, congrats, I'm giving you the only pass here. You scored a deep touchdown and looked effective. You may now leave the chopping block. As for the rest of the bums, I am speechless of how poor they played. Period.

The offensive line was holding the Bears D-line almost every play. I am not joking about this; fans who watched this game and suffered through it as I did can confirm. Decker was awful. Kraemer was horrid. Brown had two penalties. Sewell wasn't as bad, but he had at least one holding call as well. Only Jackson seemed to stay out of penalty-trouble. Goff would not throw the ball more than two yards downfield. 14 of his first 15 passes were less than ten yards downfield.

Injuries began to plague this unit again as well. Swift left the game early with a shoulder injury. Hockenson was seen walking away from the field after his touchdown catch. Sewell was getting worked out by the trainer. On the defense side of the ball, Tracy Walker smashed into Derrick Barnes, who will likely find himself in concussion protocol. Jalen Reeves-Maybin got injured twice in the same game.

Let me reiterate; this is no excuse for this god-awful game. It's merely rubbing salt on the wound.

Campbell, my patience... our patience, is wearing very, very thin.

You run the ball on a 4th and 32. You refuse to play aggressive after coming out as an aggressive coach. You're wasting prime defensive performances, despite the outlook of the other team. You were given chances on a silver platter in front of your home crowd who still shows up despite how horribly incompetent this team is, and you still lose.

The more you keep calling offensive plays, the more people will call for your head. It's time to give playcalling back to Lynn, for your own sake. I can't keep defending you for pitiful performances like this. What was seen before as grit has morphed into playing to not-lose. Where was the aggressiveness like we had in the LA game? The balls to go for two against Minnesota? Showing the league that despite how incompetent we were, we were going to put up a fight?

It's disgusting.

It's pathetic.

Get. It. Together.

Having a lack of talent will only get you so far.

Let's talk draft, because it seems like the only thing to look forward to nowadays.

Lions fans, it's been tough for us. It's been a year since we've had a win. Once more, our super bowl will be held in April, like always. So, let's embrace it as per usual.

We're stuck with Goff for another season. This is a weak QB class upon first inspection. We need help getting sacks. We need better wideouts. Will Harris is a joke. Our linebackers are a turnstile.

Which position do we draft at #1 overall? Do we trade back to get more picks and fill more gaps?

Let me know.

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