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Rest of Thanksgiving open thread

Come ignore your loved ones and watch the rest of the Thanksgiving Day football with us.

Las Vegas Raiders v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

I know you are all frustrated. I know you are all sick of watching this team lose game after game after game. By next week, it will be a full calendar year since this football team has won a game.

I know the back-to-back timeouts and general passive playcalling from Dan Campbell has many of you questioning whether he’s the guy, and other—more reactionary fans—want his head on a platter right now. I know Jared Goff stinks, the football gods seem to want to strike every good Lions player with an injury, and Lions fandom is again slipping into hopelessness.

But let’s just take the rest of the evening off. It’s Thanksgiving, and I know the past few years have been hell outside of football, but if you’re reading this right now, you probably have some loved ones in your life, and I hope you have the opportunity to spend the rest of the day with them.

If not, we’re all here for you. We may be yelling at each other or at Campbell or the Fords, but it’s only because we share this passion together. We’re brothers and sisters going through a tough time. And while it all sucks, at least we’re not going through it alone.

So today, I’m thankful for all of you.

Enjoy Raiders vs. Cowboys and Bills vs. Saints.

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