Do We Take a Qb In This Draft?

The Lions current Qb room is Goff, Boyle, and Blough with Montez on our practice squad. We've seen Goff and Boyle play Goff has been underwhelming to abysmal. Boyle who's best attribute was his deep ball threw one deep pass and it was a pick, and otherwise looked worse then Goff. Blough hasn't played but went 0-5 with a much better Lions roster. Montez is really the only one I want to give a chance to mostly because of his size and athleticism. Those aren't pretty options going into next year. The issue is like most people know the Qb class is very weak in top heavy talent. Kayvon or Hutchinson with the 1st overall pick. Then hopefully Garret or Olave will be around for the Rams pick. then we will probably take a DB and LB and maybe a Qb with the second round pick. If so Carson Strong will probably be there unless a team like the Broncos take him, but Ridder and Howell will almost for certain be their at least one of them. In my opinion though I would get some more defensive help or maybe even another WR. when we get to our 5th round picks is when I think we could take a Qb. Zappe and Armstrong will probably still be on the board. One of them could maybe beat Goff for the job or make him fight for it which right now doesn't seem to be the case. If they don't want to get one in the 5th. Aqeel Glass from Alabama A&M would still be available hopefully. While we may not find the option for the future if we take one in the 5th or 6th we will at least get a decent backup and will definitely upgrade this Qb room.

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