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Lions vs. Eagles Song of the Game: ‘Turn the Page’ by Bob Seger

“You pretend it doesn’t bother you, but you just want to explode.”

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Detroit Lions David Reginek-USA TODAY Sports

When it came time for Jeremy, Chris, and myself to record this week’s edition of the PODcast, we just didn’t have it in us. But can you blame us? After the 44-6 beatdown the Detroit Lions received from the Philadelphia Eagles, a lot of us wanted nothing to do with this game. We used every excuse we could to get away from this game.

“It’s Halloween, people are—rightly—out celebrating.”

“There’s no way anyone wants to hear us talk about this game.”

“I have to go pick up my dog’s poop out of the backyard.”

Okay, so that last one was mine, but it was easily more appealing than talking about this absolute disaster of a football game.

But we eventually recorded and by the end of the PODcast, it felt like we had successfully put it all to bed. For as awful as it was to watch that entire football game, getting a chance to talk about it for a couple of hours and share our anger and frustrations with one another was just the kind of coping we needed.

But then I couldn’t get away from the game.

A gentle reminder from the Editor-In-Chief at to do this week’s entry for Song of the Game—usually a fun way to wax poetic about Lions football. But again, I thought the PODcast was my chance to move onto the bye week and gain some reprieve.

And then this message just last night. No more Mr. Nice Editor who is supposed to be on vacation this weekend. This, as you can clearly read, is a threat disguised as a directive. There’s no ultimatum, but writing about Week 8’s matchup between the Eagles and Lions feels like a punishment.

Now it’s time to... turn the page.

Lions vs. Eagles Week 8 Song of the Game: “Turn the Page” by Bob Seger

In the days leading up to Lions-Eagles, Detroit had earned the adoration and benefit of the doubt for their winless start to the season. Dan Campbell had pulled out all the stops to try and outfox Sean McVay and the Los Angeles Rams the week before. They were so close, and with the Eagles up next, their first victory was within reach.

Seger’s “Turn the Page” is iconic from the moment that saxophone explodes onto the track, and it feels reminiscent of just before kickoff last week. The Lions had won the coin toss and chose to receive the football. They wanted the ball and they wanted to make a statement from the start.

If only Seger’s record had a sad trombone that played on repeat for three minutes after its striking start.

Look, this isn’t the typical “Song of the Game” article. There isn’t anything to this game I’m going to recount for you that has already been thrown in your face a hundred times. The Eagles ran the ball ad nauseam, the Lions failed to put up any fight, and rookie Jermar Jefferson scored the saddest first touchdown of an NFL career in the history of this league.

Instead, we’re going to look past this one. We’re going to heed the especially poignant, but spot-on lyrics of Bob Seger for this Lions team as they look ahead to a meeting with the Pittsburgh Steelers:

Here I am
On the road again
There I am
Up on the stage
Here I go
Playin’ star again
There I go
Turn the page

Each week, we’ll be providing a Song of the Game to create a full-season playlist. You can listen to previous year’s soundtracks right here: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

You can find the 2021 playlist here (or below):

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