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5Q’s with Revenge of the Birds: Are the Cardinals legit Super Bowl contenders?

Getting to know the Detroit Lions’ Week 15 enemy.

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Just four more games left, Detroit Lions fans. Then it’s mock drafts every day and free agency talk. Maybe we’ll also restore our hope for the near future of the Detroit Lions. Until then, the Lions have four more games. This first one out of the gate is going to be a real issue.

The Lions play the very good 10-3 Arizona Cardinals team that could very well be Super Bowl contenders come February. Only three teams have managed to beat this team and two of them could be walking away with the Lombardi this year. So there’s no way this is going to be a crazy upset victory for the Lions.

Still, what if? Do the Cardinals have some weaknesses? That’s one questions we wanted to have answered this week, so we got in touch with our guy Seth Cox from Revenge Of The Birds to get some answers. Here’s what he had to say:

1. Do you ever get sick of playing the Lions?

“No, only because both teams are usually fairly even in terms of where they are in the NFL pecking order so the games are usually competitive. I am hoping this year is different, but in the end the games are usually fun, close and leave one fan base yanking their hair out.”

2. What is the Cardinals’ weakness and how can the Lions exploit it?

“Can you run the football? If so, the Cardinals are the team for you to play. This season has been especially trying at times because the team spent so much investing along the front seven but really did so with the idea of creating a great pass rush.

Then J.J. Watt got hurt and it has been hit and miss the rest of the way. Frustrating to say the least. So now, they struggle to contain the run and don’t get as much pressure only bringing four.

I know the Lions like to run the ball even if your stud back is out. I expect that to be the game plan on Sunday.”

3. How many yards will Kyler Murray rack up against the Lions?

“After Monday night, with injuries to DeAndre Hopkins and James Conner, I expect we will see a big game out of Murray.

He had over 400 yards of offense, but no touchdowns. This week, I expect around 325 yards of total offense and five total touchdowns. He’s responded well after down games this season and the fact that they get an early dome game should play into their hands well.”

4. Can the Cards win it all this season?

“It really just depends on health. They played poorly against the Packers and Rams and lost by a combined 10 points. So from the talent side of the things, they are there.

It’s now about finding a way to get Hopkins and Watt back on the field to give them the emotional boost they’ll need against a good 49ers team (as of now) and then if they have to play Tom Brady in round two.

They should contend for a title this year. They made their path harder right now being on the same side of the bracket as Brady, but they have the talent.”

5. Who’s winning on Sunday?

“I feel like the Cardinals are a little irritated after their lackluster performance on Monday, so they are looking to come out and make a statement.

I think with the difficulties the Lions are dealing with between injuries and Covid, the Cards come out and get up early then ride the wave to a win.


Good luck and I hope both teams come out the other side healthy.”