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LIVE: Lions vs. Cardinals: Madden 22 simulation, Q&A

Can the virtual Detroit Lions pull off a massive update? Come watch as we simulate Sunday’s matchup on a Saturday morning.

We are nearing the end of the Detroit Lions’ 2021 season, and for fans, it may be considered a merciful ending. It’s not that the Lions haven’t been entertaining this year, they absolutely have, but Detroit is at a point where they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel of their roster. This week, they brought in three brand new cornerbacks, and there’s a pretty good chance at least two of them are going to be active for Sunday’s game.

Detroit’s two biggest offensive weapons—D’Andre Swift and T.J. Hockenson—are out, and we may not see either for the rest of the season. That isn’t to say there’s nothing left to watch, but the options are sure running thin.

That being said, our Saturday morning Madden 22 simulations have yet to disappoint. We’ve seen some wild finishes, ridiculous plays, and last week, the wind knocked out my internet just as the Denver Broncos were lining up for the game-winning kick (they made it).

If you haven’t joined in our Madden simulations yet, I narrate as I let the computer Lions take on their weekly opponent. As the game progresses, I answer any Lions questions you may have, and we run polls and predictions for this week.

So come join us to see of the virtual Lions can take down the Arizona Cardinals in a game of Madden 22.

Here’s how to join:

What: Lions vs. Cardinals Madden sim + Q&A session
When: Saturday, December 18 — 10:30 a.m. ET
Where: Our Twitch channel — (or watch below)